Choosing The Right Trade Show Signs

There are several elements that go into preparing for a trade show. You have to make sure you have enough product to showcase. You must ensure you have all the right show tools so that you can show all the different ways your product works. You must also have enough product for the occasional Signage NYC impulse sale.

Most importantly, however, you have to set up the booth. Many people don’t realize that part of setting up a trade show booth is making sure you’ve got the right trade show signs. They get the idea that bigger is always going to be better; that flashy is going to garner notice. That is not the case! The real case is that there are many different things that feed into whether or not your sign is going to be worthwhile for the trade show. How can you figure that out? How can you discover whether or not the trade show signs you’ve prepared are going to garner you notice and help you sell your product?

First and foremost, make sure you have a good understanding of the trade show culture. Every trade show is a little bit different, and so every trade show has different things that do and do not garner notice. Some trade shows have floor rules regarding how big or flashy your signs can be; others simply have an unspoken agreement. Either way, it helps to know what other people are going to be doing.

Don’t just stop there, however. Having a sign that’s bigger and flashier than the other booths, even if you can, doesn’t mean you should. If the culture of the trade show is more quiet and demure, then having something large and obnoxious may garner notice, but at the cost of actually making sales. Meanwhile, if all the signs around your booth are huge and obnoxious, all you’ve done is add to the noise pollution. You haven’t made your sign any more noticeable than any others!

So what is the best way to set up your signs? Go for something that gets the idea across immediately. A sign that showcases the product’s name, the company name, and then gives a few images of what the product does could be a perfect choice. Make sure it’s large enough to see from a distance, but not so large that it takes up the full view. That way, it’s noticeable, but it also doesn’t distract from what people want to see. It doesn’t add to the noise pollution, and in some ways may even be more noticeable for it!

Ultimately, how to design your signs is up to you. It may well be that your product sells better if you make large, flashy signs. By and large, loud and flashy isn’t what makes people want to buy. What makes people want to buy is being able to clearly tell what the product is, and why they should want it.  For more information on signage click here.